Polished Concrete Choices!

Polished Concrete has four (4) standard themes you may choose from. Other themes are not part of the standard process. Alternative methods can be used such as Acid or water stain to enhance colour's and or shadings. Custom inserts, brass, alloy linings, glass etc.

Please note that polished concrete is a non consistent product that has many uncontrolable variables.

Option one: Fine grind.

The FINE GRIND is a consistent shade of grays or a custom colour with no exposed aggregate. Rarely do any aggregates appear within a fine grind.

Depending on the volumes and consistencies of cement will determine the final result. A fine grind is the cheapest alternative in polished concrete due to very minimal labor and grinding.






Option two: Mild Grind

The MILD GRIND is a concrete grind with some highlights of fine exposed aggregates. This is a random finish with many variables within the finished appearance. Mild grind is suitable for all areas. It's know for removing the cream off the surface. It is highly recommended that any concrete older than 12 months old should use the minimum mild grind theory. This will remove most of the imperfections, leaving a silky great look.

The average ratio of the is mild grind is 70:30. Thus 30 being the exposed aggregates.





Option three: Course Grind

The COURSE GRIND is the maximum depth concrete can be grinded. Course grind has a high content of exposed aggregates. (displayed rocks)

Their are many aggregates you may choose from within a fresh pour of concrete mix. For existing concrete a controlled sample should be done and signed off prior the grind stage.

NEW CONCRETE; To ensure you make the right decision for a fresh poured slabs, you should contact us immediately to discuss all the tweaking tips. Their are many progress steps concreters should adhere to prior finishing a slab. Every illustrated finish above has a different technique when it comes to the slab pour and finishing.



Option four: Hone Grind

Please contact us if you are seeking a honed finish.

A honed finish is recommended for external; this is due to bacteria being trapped easy and requires pressure cleaning regularly.


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