Polished concrete floors

Polished Concrete floors have been around for centuries in many countries and unfortunately Australians have missed out on this opportunity and its undiscovered beauty until now.   Any concrete slab can be polished regardless of age . It does not require any acid agents to prepare the surface. The preparation consists of grinding with diamond stones liquefied in water and a neutral cleaner. Our complete diamond stone grids range from 6 and up to 5000, depending on the finish you require, whether it is a high or low sheen. Our process of polishing concrete will continue to keep the dust off your property. Dust is thoroughly vacuumed throughout the whole process keeping your concrete and property tidy. In addition the Dust is also removed.

In worst case scenario where aged concrete has been worn out and saturated with divots, this requires an underlay, (self leveler). This repairs the substraight voids followed by the polishing process. If you're planning a new concrete pour, we recommend you contact us as soon as possible. Some Concrete contractors do not have the tweaking skills required for concrete polishing floors and or alternative finishes. There are many variables to be considered prior to a fresh pour and architects and designers need to be informed. "Don't wait till it's to late" Ask our advice right away. Don't regret your choice as polished concrete can not be reversed once it has been poured.

Many refer to polished concrete as slippery, cold and high maintenance. In recent times this has all changed as new knowledge has been discovered through trial and error. Polished concrete is no more slippery than the average tile on the market is also can range slip resistance. Our exclusive steps are merged into the process of polishing showers, bath and high moister area's. This has become more slip proof than any other flooring option. An impregnated sealer is used to be highly permeable into the concrete pours leaving a scour finish that acts as an anti slip surface and retaining the inspiring looks.

Typical sealers are no longer used in the process of polished concrete as the temperature of the slab tends to hold thermal mass within. The first step is a penetrating sealer that seals and closes all the pours, reducing the temperature rising to the surface. A shield coat is then applied to protect mechanical and chemical damage and avoid re-sealing. The final buffing upholds the three dimensional looks, shine and durability that has the hard wearing resistance and can be reapplied in years without the removal of any sealers.


Concrete polishing themes



Eco-Living Concrete_Polishing Easy Maintenance 

Weekly maintenance without the hard strains. Ask us about our maintenance kits.

Inspiring  You and your friends will love the modern appeal
and luxurious style.

Eco-Living Concrete_Polishing Class 
Every concrete slab has a combination of aggregates and artistic stones. We explore these stones and polish them up to a granite level. 

Impregnated; Our exclusive combination of 3 sealers Base, protector and shine (known as the sandwich) will keep your floors shiny and flawless for years. 

Eco-Living Concrete_Polishing Support 
Our experienced team will support you step by step from start to finish and will continue supporting over the years to preserve a flawless floor.

3 Dimension

Our exclusive application will give your floor a 3 dimensional look that can't be done by any of our competitors. You will think you are walking on water.

Eco-Living Concrete_Polishing Internal & External 
Any concrete slab can be rejuvenate irrespective of age, indoors or out! We can also provide an onsite controlled sample to persuade you before you go ahead.

Eco-Living Concrete_Polishing Long Lasting 

Polished concrete is versatile 

to all designs and themes. Any decor from the 70's 80's 90's and today will be complimented by polished concrete.

Eco-Living Concrete_Polishing Fresh 
Breath easy and stay healthy, avoid germs that get trapped in timber and carpet. Great for asthmatic suffers

Eco-Living Concrete_Polishing Durable 
Our unique formula of 
Sealers will last years without 
re-sealing. With very minimal maintenance, you will love the ease of polished concrete.






























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General Maintenance Program - An allocated maintenancs regime will be provided upon completion of project.