Our latest project

Premises; Pialligo winery at Pialligo

Application: Concrete polishing combined with Acid stain colour

One of our latest projects is a Polished and acid stained concrete. Recently Pialligo winery required our service to match 2 concrete slabs with 5 years difference apart in age. Our recommendations of staining the concrete to provide a translucent effect with variable artistic features provided Pialligo winery with a 5 star flooring and aesthetic beauty, whilst maintaining the visual and consistencies of colour and dimension throughout both slabs.


Throughout the project we were faced with many variables such as uneven flooring, cracked concrete, faulty Ardex, old drain systems and existing polyurethane. We knew we had a major transformation ahead of us. All the faulty concrete was cut out forming a 40mm set down. We reinserted 4mm gauge reo steel and new concrete. The project was divided into 2 stages so the winery and cafe maintained its daily trade. After many obstacles we polished the floor to a mild grind exposing some what aggregates, this means random aggregates exposed to the surface. We grinded from 30 to 1500 grid! We further applied 2 coats of acid stain to really bring out the greens and cloned effects to synchronies and compliment both slabs.
Finally 10 coats of water based sealer was used to bring the luster and 3 dimension looks to the surface. And surly as you can see from the results the floor does speak for itself.
For further information regarding this project please feel free to drop us a line or visit Pialligo winery situated at Pialligo.



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