Our latest project

Premises; Residential

Application: Concrete polishing

One of our latest polished concrete projects in a residential home. As illustrated in the photos a stunning floor with a minimal grind. (Fine grind) The choice of colour was selected by the client and provided by BORAL. This gave the family a wow factor to their new home.

Working very close with the Builders, concreters and many contractors, we had very little damage at the final stage. This means the grinding was done some time prior to the building commencement. All floors were covered for nearly 12 months. A lengthy project, but most definitely worth the wait.

Hydronic heating installed within the whole slab, giving this family a warm and eco friendly home to enjoy for years to come.

Finally 9 coats of water based sealer was used to bring the luster and 3 dimension looks to the surface. And surly as you can see from the results the floor speaks for itself.
For further information regarding this project please feel free to drop us a line or visit Firestone situated at Dickson Canberra ACT.


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